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How it works?


the bigfish seafood bistro® is the first fresh seafood venue in Budapest, and not only the exciting variety of the fresh seafood dishes makes it unique, but the fascinating atmosphere which is built from the elements of the bustle of a fishmarket, the haste of a downtown, the neat beauty of the world heritage neighborhood and the chilling vibes of an urban, friendly and casual restaurant.

Take the 3 steps to get your fresh, healthy seafood meal!

1. Choose the fish, crabs or mussels you want to have for dinner at the cashier, who will measure it and forward it to the chef right when you order. We prepare all the meals freshly, that means sometimes you have to wait a little, but remember, the freshness of the tastes will compensate your patience! Check please some favorite examples:

  • crabs, mussels: 10-15 min.
  • fish fillets: 10-15 perc
  • whole fish: 20-25 perc
  • fried meals: 15-20 perc
  • lobster: 30-40 perc

2. After paying the bill we give you a number and it is the time to choose a nice table anywhere. We have big tables for 6-8 people for big companies and for friendly people who like to eat together, and we have some small and lovely tables for the more intimate occasions.

3. Our staff will serve you both your drinks and meals wherever you sit as soon as it is ready. And now it is the time to enjoy the tasty, fresh and healthy bits! If you would have more drinks or some desserts our staff is there for you!

We all wish you a pleasant marine break with delicious tastes of nice wines and fresh fish!

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For today we accept reservations only by phone.